Woke Up In Helsinki

by Rambo
Rambo in snow

Introducing Rambo

Hey dudes and dudettes, my name is Rambo. For the last 10 years, I’ve been the main man in my Mom’s life, but a couple years ago, another dude finally swept her off her feet. And I really dig him but it bummed me out that he could never stay for very long. But that’s finally changing!

My first plane ride

Took my first plane ride ever. Not sure why we weren’t in first class, but I’ll let that one slide, Mom. Finnair was cool enough to give us our own row so I got to sprawl out on the floor and Mom gave me some sleeping pills (aka Benadryl) so I pretty much knocked out the entire time and when I woke up, we were in another continent! I’ve never even left the state of California. When we arrived, boy was I happy to see my dude, Kimmo, I think I even peed a little. He hasn’t been home in a couple months, but now we’ll never have to be apart again. Ok, that sounded sappy, but he gives me the best walks and doesn’t know how to say “NO”.

Expat needs homies and recommendations

So, I guess I live in Helsinki now. My paws really don’t dig snow, so I’m going to need to find some good snow boots, maybe even a dope puffer jacket. If any of you fellow dawgs got any recommendations, that would be totally sweet! I’m going to need the 411 on all the good dog parks and where to get my grub and wardrobe at. Are there any Facebook groups out there for expat dogs or dating apps? It might finally be time for me to settle down and stop sleeping in my Mom’s room (ok fine, I still sleep in her bed).

My LA life

Anyway, I’ll be scouring Helsinki for all the best dog spots so watch out for my reviews and takes on the city. For my homies back in LA, I miss you and I’ll keep you posted about the bitches here in case you want to come visit. You know I make the best wingman. For my new Finnish dawgs, I’ll give you a peek into my life in LA as well in case you’re curious. Later for now bros!

Me in my new bed.
Me and Mom taking a stroll in our new neighborhood, Jätkäsaari. I was still a bit jetlagged.

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S April 23, 2019 - 9:33 am

Just loving Rambo’s happy face while lying in his new bed! In the last pic he doesn’t look that happy at all maybe too cold for his california paws! Haha. Weather will get better soon Rambo I promise! Now it is actually the best time of the year to come to Finland; spring is in the way and our summer is nice and usually not too hot for doggies <3

Audrey April 24, 2019 - 9:20 pm

Hehe yes, he’s totally loving his new bed and friends! I think he was still a bit jet lagged in the last pic, haha. The weather has actually been quite nice, we are excited for summer!


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